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OldSols Spoony Bezels

OldSols inspiration from one of the great Honda Performance builders. Spoon of Japan and Spoon USA.

OldSols Club Zip Hoodie

For when you get chilly on a fall/winter evening with the Targa off, or simply need something comfy to throw on, this lightweight zip hoodie cuz its your jam … this is it! +2.9 HP

Honda Access Tweeter Install: Part 1

Honda Access Tweeter Install

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Plate Filler Light Install

Plate Filler Light Install

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Zig Zags – The Refresh: Part 2

Restoring Zig Zag Floor Mats: Part 2

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Zig Zags – The Refresh; Part 1

Zig Zag's can be saved - Learn how!

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JDM/EDM Plate Filler Install

Install of the JDM light plug

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