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Ameripol becomes SunTop: How it happened!

Ameripol becomes SunTop: How it happened!

Well … we did it folks. The original Ameripol plexiglass targa top is coming back. This time better than ever.

Let’s head into the time machine about a year and a half to a time where I wanted an ameripol top and LITERALLY couldn’t find one anywhere. None on eBay, nothing on amazon, no one was selling one. I then stumbled across a shady company called CariD (https://www.carid.com). They had listed on their website the Ameripol targa for sale for $740.00 – brand new mind you as well. I quickly jumped the gun and put my order in. I was so excited. This excitement didn’t last long.

2 weeks go by and I have heard nothing from CariD. Finally took it upon myself to reach out and call. Needless to say it was a huge waste of my time – no representative there had any idea what I was talking about. No clue about the product. All that was said was the order has been place and I should receive shipping info soon. Another two week go by and nothing. This time I call back and start raising hell. Finally got far enough up the chain that someone at CariD knew what I was talking about and said these are out of stock currently. Lame.

This wasn’t good enough for me – I literally called them everyday for a solid week until someone told me who was manufacturing these tops. Come to find out Ameripol had been sold to a Corvette Top Manufacturer here in the US – Melrose Corvette (http://www.melrosecorvette.com). I then called melrose and spoke to the receptionist and explained the entire situation – she had no clue what I was talking about. She connected me with one of their sales guys who promptly said we’re not making these tops and have no plans too. Come to find out this guy had no idea what he was talking about either. He went on to tell me the molds were busted and they couldn’t get a top to fit correctly on a del sol they purchased.

By this point at least I had got actual answers from someone. I was able to get Melrose to contact CariD and have the product removed from their website and eBay listings. About a week later the owner of the company sent me an email thanking me for letting Melrose know of the situation . This is when I planted the bug that the Del Sol community is REALLY wanting this product.

Time to hop out of the Time Machine and come back to June of 2019.

Out of nowhere I get a message on Reddit from someone (who will not be named but they know who they are) saying “Dude we need to make this happen”. We chatted for a few days about the situation before contacting Melrose Corvette again about purchasing the company and BAM! just like that all the sudden Melrose was ready to sell the Honda Del Sol portion of Ameripol. Business jargon and negotiations ensued and we arrived where we are today. Melrose no longer owns Ameripol and OldSols is in the Targa Top manufacturing game.

Next time – we will dive into the juicy details of what we received from Melrose Corvette and the condition and state of Ameripol as we purchased it.

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  1. Tony 3 months ago

    I used to make the DelSol tops at Ameripol 😉

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