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New to the forum  

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Hi All,  My handle is Leongboy.  I live in Cowtown, Alberta.  I have two Del Sols.  The first one I bought was off of my high school math teacher.  It is a Black 93' automatic (boohoo).  I bought it with 60,000 KMs on it about 8 years ago.  It has 101,000 KM on it now.  The biggest thing wrong with it is that other people like it so much they like to take it home with them.  Yep, its been stolen twice.  The last two Decembers in a row. On the most recent theft right off of my driveway. I just got it back so, it has to go to the body shop for some minor repairs.  I wish they would just ask me to borrow it for a few days instead of stealing it. it would save me alota grief. 

My second Del Sol is a VTEC version from 97'. Its never been stolen -YET.  If this one gets stolen I will cry.  I bought this one a couple of years ago and it has 125,000 KM on it. It's great, and every chance I get - the top is off.  Up here in Canada we only have 4-5 months of good driving conditions and maybe 3 months of that is considered top off weather.  The only thing that doesn't work on it is the temp gauge.  Have to have that looked after this year cause the 93' Del Sol was overheating.

The BIG question I have for you all is; My 97' Del Sol has leather seats.  How rare is this?  The previous owner says he bought it like that.  I don't have a picture of it right now because my car is in storage, but I will post a picture of it once it comes out of storage.    


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From what I understand leather seats in the Sol aren't a factory option but some dealers had them recovered before sale.

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Hey, thanks for signing up for the Forum! Super glad you are here!


There are factory leather seats from Honda in the option Motegi and Daytona packages that came on European Del Sols.


Been up in Canada - i'd day you have one of these options! Are they brown or red leather? 


If your seats are just black leather it is certainly possible someone had re-done them previously. 



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Hey everyone good to meet you all I have decided after 3 years to do something with my 93 del sol. I’m in Bellevue NE. My del sol was stolen but I was able to get it back it was heart breaking as the car was a gift from my late father in law. It’s been gathering dust until just last month.  As you can see they did a number on it. As I know very little about cars I will be spending time looking through threads to learn more about this vehicle. 



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