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Honda Access Tweeter Install: Part 1

Honda Access Tweeter Install: Part 1

These are super cool optional accessories for all models of the Del Sol. 1992 – 1998. They are very easy to install.

First off, you will have to get your door panels off the car. Really no way to get this installed with the door panels being on. So pop those bad boys off. Note* I am using an extra door panel for practice.

So notice you will have 3 components here: The gem tweeter speaker itself. The brackets and the housing. 2 small screws as well.

You will notice on the back side of the door there will be little nubs aligned in a circle. This is what you have to cut out.

I choose to use my dremel with a little disc cutter. The main take away here is just to not cut outside of this circle. PLEASE DO NOT CUT THE WHOLE TOO BIG. LEGIT WILL RUIN YOUR DOOR PANEL.

Once the hole is cut. Simply slide everything into the hole (that’s what she said) and use the bracket and screws to hold the tweeter in place. As you tighten the screws it will prevent the housing from sliding around.

Norman the Saint Bernard was of no help during installation* These need to face towards the driver or passenger and not away from them to ensure a nice acoustic balance inside the sol.

AND BOOM! They are in. You will notice the shape of the housing will form to the door panel. That’s how you know they were installed on the correct side.

My test door panel*

Installed on the door panels I actually use.

I did not have time to wire them in this weekend due to family time but this will come in part 2!

Have a great sunday funday!

1995 VTEC Misty Green Pearl 1995 Si Frost White

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  1. Jim DeVries 1 year ago

    Purchased a 1993 with these tweeters already installed. (bought it from the original owner who traded the vehicle in for a new car in 2000) Are these OEM? I have the sticker for the del sol and it does not indicate any audio system when purchased. It has a Sony head and I put four new speakers in it (door and back seat). Trying to find out if these were dealer installed (leather seats were).

    • OldSols 1 year ago

      Hello Jim,

      If your tweeters look exactly the same then yes they are OEM. If you’re sticker doesn’t have it on there they could have been added by the previous owner after purchase or later down the road. They were a factory option just much less so here in the USA.

      • Jim DEVRIES 1 year ago

        Thanks nice to know the history if I sell it. The vehicle just turned 14,000 miles

        • OldSols 1 year ago

          whoa! no way – that is some serious low miles

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