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JDM/EDM Plate Filler Install

JDM/EDM Plate Filler Install

Hey All, finally getting around to installing my JDM plate fillers!

First off was to get then painted haha – DONE! Next up, I needed to switch out the 20 year old bulbs with some fresh “bright white LED’s” and that is a cake walk.

Next up was to screw the lights and housing into the plate fillers themselves but unfortunately my set did not come with the OEM hardware. I opted to installed some beauty washers from Password JDM for a nice little flair.

Here is about the process where I wasn’t quite sure what to do next!

First we need a little bit of a backstory story. These plate fillers also require the JDM/EDM rear plate garnish as well. It has the proper holes and insert points required to install these plate fillers. If you don’t have this matching parts its going to make your life much hard because you’ll have to make these holes yourself! Just save up and buy the whole panel!

Furthermore, these holes also do not come standard on our US models inner trunk wall (see photo below)

These i’m guessing are cut from the factory in other markets but not ours. DUMB. SO0o0o0o0oO I had to cut these in myself.

What I ended up using was a 1.5″ hole saw which was the perfect size for the job. These teeth cut right through the rear wall of the trunk, it wasn’t very thick.

Below you can see the holes that were made on each side. These holes were pretty sharp on the edges so I ended up lining the holes with tape so nothing would snag the wires. I will probably re-visit this with some exterior rubber trim in the future but at the time didn’t think about this.

You can now see how the plug fits right into these holes when installed.

Note: i have decals hidden all over the frame of my car haha

As you can see though; fits like a glove. Exactly where its intended to be plugged in at!

Now – who has a wiring loom for these??!?!?

1995 VTEC Misty Green Pearl 1995 Si Frost White

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