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Plate Filler Light Install

Plate Filler Light Install

You might be thinking to yourself? I have trunk lights in my Del Sol and I want to add my JDM plate filler lights into the car now – how do I do that? My option was to unhook my trunk lights and adapt the same wiring harness to the plate fillers.

So lets start by looking at the wiring adapter I had my by @solessgarage on Instagram. It connects the US trunk light harness to the JDM plate filler plug.

The green female connectors connect to your existing trunk light wiring loom and the grey male connectors connect to the JDM plate fillers.

First part is to unhook the trunk lights and start popping off the tabs that hold that wiring harness to your trunk.

Remove the plate lights and disconnect the plugs from the lights.

Next up is to re-route this wiring loom back down the through the trunk and down through the front corner of the trunk. You will have to pop about 10 tabs on your way down the trunk. Once you have these tabs off – you will want to route them through your rear quarter panels to the back of the JDM plate garnish.

Not much to it now once you’ve got to this point! Home Stretch!

I ran this loom along the same loom for each taillight and zip tied them to the twilight loom to keep them nice and tidy.

Simple plug in the adapters and you are done!

Pop the male plug into the back of your plate filler lights and BAM! Installed!

Hope this helps fam!

1995 VTEC Misty Green Pearl 1995 S Flat Black

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