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Ameripol becomes SunTop: Part 3: Pain in the Butt

Ameripol becomes SunTop: Part 3: Pain in the Butt

After alllll of this set up – it was time to get the products to Omaha. Melrose had begun to scour their warehouse to make sure they didn’t miss anything and sure enough they did. For some reason they had two additional complete ameripol tops laying around that needed to get added to pallets. I really have no idea without actually going there myself but trusting is the best you can do in a situation like this I guess.

We had never set up a freight shipment before – none-the-less knew what it was going to cost haha (a little oversight). The bad part is Melrose was unwilling to help arrange for any sort of pick up. Further cementing their lack of interest in the Honda Del Sol; they wouldn’t even help get it out of their facility.

Luckily I have some family members/friends who are in the freight industry who were able to help me out and get this lined up. Called about 4 different shippers and decided on the best quote and scheduled the pick up ….. so I thought. A few days go by and I hadn’t heard anything nor had the product/molds arrive yet. I got on the phone with Melrose to ask if the shipment went out and turns out that the freight company showed up without any paperwork. So the freight company left and melrose decided not to notify me – because why not? (dumb).

Got back on the phone with the freight company and worked to sort out all the info and paperwork. Finally the pallets were on the road headed to Omaha.

Got a call a few days later from Melrose “Hey Brad – when you get the pallet can you look through and make sure there isn’t any Corvette stuff in there” uhhhhhhhh haha what?!? Jesus! they must have just assumed what they sent was infact the Del Sol stuff. Now I sit and wait for the over-the-road slow boat to bring my prize to me.

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