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Ameripol becomes SunTop: Part 4 “The Goods”

So0o0o0o00o after what seems like forever – The pallets finally arrived. Here is a breakdown of what we got. It’s a little weird sharing this stuff just because it’s kind of against how I usually treat situations like this personally; but I feel this was such a community driven move for us that being transparent is key. We’re not hiding anything and want everyone to be on the same page with us because of rumors and misinformation that might arise somewhere else!

  • Molds for the regular targa top (fiberglass inside)
  • Molds for the transtop (fiberglass inside)
  • A mold for the plexiglass (the outside top)
  • 4 fiberglass (regular) inside finished pieces
  • 4 fiberglass (transtop) inside finished pieces
  • 2 finished plexiglass parts
  • 2 unfinished raw plexiglass sheets
  • 1 OEM targa top (aluminum shell only)
  • 8 sets of inside rails
  • 1 fiberglass targa top shell (its like the shape and contour of the targa top)
  • 1 plexiglass piece with the moonroof cut out (not sure what this is for) It has top and bottom written on it.
  • 4 finished complete Ameripol tops – 3 blue and 1 amber (not in perfect shape). The blue tops you can tell are the newest tops. The build quality is a lot better than the bronze.

Thats what we got. This is what we are working with and what we have to move forward with production. Good thing is it’s everything we need to make a new one. We have a complete tops, we have all the separate pieces. This way we can show a manufacturer what a finished one looks like and the product de-constructed.

Next time we will dive into where we have been to chat with local companies in Omaha, Nebraska about getting these made.

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  1. Matt 3 months ago

    Hey what’s the latest on this incredible story?

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