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Ameripol becomes Sun Top: Part 2 Collecting Dust

Ameripol becomes Sun Top: Part 2 Collecting Dust

Alright folks – lets continue this story ….

During the course of the discussions between Kent and I and Melrose Corvette we came to find out that the previous shop person who I had talked too didn’t really have a clue as to what was going on. Turns out that when Melrose bought Ameripol they had no interest in the Honda market. They wanted the Corvette molds and products from Ameripol.

They LITERALLY put the del sol goodies on two pallets and put them up on a rack in the warehouse. Never even touched them. They have been wrapped up on that rack ever since. CRAZY!

Needless to say this was when we were like OH SNAP! weeeeee gotta get these bad boys or they are literally going to sit there. They had no records from Ameripol, no schematics, no drawings, no instructions – no nothing and they didn’t wanna mess with it.

Short update but there will be another one tomorrow!

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