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SunTop Update: May 2022

SunTop Update: May 2022

Hello All – Long time no updates yeah? Well, been frustrating for us too.

You are probably tired of hearing about Covid but once we were finally ready to REALLY hammer on this project that “COVID” thing happened and through the world for a loop. Costs, sourcing materials that were available, and almost everything else became a real painstaking process, especially during the peak of the pandemic.

The good news is – we are back at it and things are moving again.

Here is a bit of a rundown:

  1. Our original workspace/shop closed during covid and we lost our space to work/tinker/research.
  2. The fabricator we were working with was very GUNG-HO to start and was all amped but over time his mindset and shop had shifted “focus” to race cars …. because you know … race cars
  3. After producing a few of our prototype tops we were told to look elsewhere for help because the amount of effort vs. manpower and time to complete a top from start to finish is basically a full day of dedication

So it was back to the beginning almost overnight once this happened.

We have made the decision based on researching the field of material plastics to move away from the original material of fiberglass as we believe it’s a dated and inferior material in 2022. Going forward our top inner panels will be forged carbon, kevlar, or other carbon composite materials. Made to order and not mass-produced in batches.

This decision is requiring the production of all new molds which we are very excited to say have been completed. This was a big step for us. All new molds for all new tops. We’ve partnered with a very talented fabricator Adrian (@elevated_anr_52604) coming to us via Christian @hondavlogs. SO everyone THANK Christian for connecting the two of us. This project is truly happening because of the Del Sol and Honda community which we all inhabit on a day-to-day basis. We reached a point in Omaha, Nebraska where it wasn’t a viable option to get what needed to be done here locally to us. The solution for this has been found and is ready to go.

Below you can see a sneak peek of our new mold for the inner panel, premium forged carbon, and a finished inner panel as well. Exciting stuff.

The WAY cool part of this going forward is the ability to custom make almost ANYTHING you can dream up. Blue honeycomb weave carbon to match your captiva blue del sol – you got it. We really want to have this option available going forward to fully customize your made-to-order SunTop.

4. Moving on … we have sourced the inner bolts, sealant, and finishing components as well. Another box was checked and done.

5. The last and toughest part …… the top panel itself …… as explained in the previous posts we have plenty of previous material from ameripol when we purchased them however upon inspection of the previous molds and what we have. It’s brittle, old, and faded. We also confirmed our existing stock with our new material supplier – its trash and APPARENTLY materials have come a long way from the mid-2000’s and the new stuff is MUCH better.

We have NEW material now (any color your heart can desire; not just blue and amber like the good ole days) and a supplier for that material! Unfortunately no fabricator at the moment. I / WE have been tirelessly calling and stopping into more than 30+ businesses for “thermoforming” capabilities and no luck as of yet. Just …. haven’t …. found …. the …. right …. “guy”, “gal” or shop/business yet. BUT we’re on it every single day.

Hope all this info helps shed light on where we are at. Would like to say we here at OldSols WILL NOT give up on this project, won’t pass it off or sell it, and we will see it through to the end. We’re trying our damn best with day jobs, families, and a lot going on in life. We have never attempted anything like this before and are still learning. Please be patient with us! It will pay off in the end.


Kent and Brad

1995 VTEC Misty Green Pearl 1995 Si Frost White

There are 16 comments

  1. Godsarmy 9 months ago

    Thanks for putting in the hard work, time on money into making this happen. Looking forward to getting one made.

  2. Tjallin 9 months ago

    When will it be available and how much will it cost?

    • OldSols 8 months ago

      when we are ready it will be available and we will let everyone know the cost

      • Noah Turner 7 months ago

        I’d love to get ahold of this or see a delsol repping the top. I’d love to have a top for my two. I’ve a red and then a samba green sol. A normal carbon fiber and amber or normal tint would be killer for the red one but I think just a normal tint would be ideal for a green sol

  3. Anthony DellaCroce 9 months ago

    Thanks for all the hard work everyone is putting in! Im excited to see them being sold one day and i hope to have my car still and get a green carbon to match my samba! And maybe the green roof glass to match! Good job, and keep puching towards the finish! Thanks and greatly appreciated!

  4. Hazzard 8 months ago

    Definitely interested! Always wanted one in the past, hopefully I can get one soon. I’m liking the idea of being able to color match. Keep up the good work and I’ll keep checking back here for info.

  5. Mark 5 months ago

    Just picked up a del sol and can’t wait for these to come out and get one on my baby 😭❤️

    • OldSols 4 months ago

      Dope! Congrats on your new del sol!

    • Chris 4 months ago

      Great work on trying to recreate the Ameripol tops. I am extremely interested in purchasing a top when they become available. Keep us posted!

  6. Wes Peterson 4 months ago

    Been watching this thread for awhile. These tops are impossible to find! It’s been 4 months since any activity on this thread. Where are we at with the tops guys? I’m ready to buy now and I have been.

    • OldSols 4 months ago

      Hey Wes – these are being difficult still to have made … we’re getting our components 3D scanned in October here for easy use of machining and capabilities. Thanks for you patience.

  7. Joe Schmoe 4 months ago

    As a former del Sol owner, and now an MX5 PRHT owner, I just want to point out that the MX5 PRHT top panel is made of plastic, with a handful of fittings at each corner and in the center. You might have a much more lucrative business opportunity trying your hand at replacing that top with a fabbed frame and a clear roof panel.

    • OldSols 4 months ago

      Ahhhh cool! thank you for the insight and the different view point. We will check into this!

  8. Alexis Mendez 4 months ago

    Recently got a Del Sol as my first car and so stoked to see all of you ready for these cool things to come back and even better! it feels like the Del Sol came out yesterday haha with this large of a community appreciate the effort! and will 100% buy

  9. Lee Rankin 2 weeks ago

    hey I just picked up a Trans Top Del Sol any plans to make a top for these models?

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