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SunTop® update: Spring 2020

SunTop® update: Spring 2020

Let’t just put it as simply as possible. This is super hard. BUT we’ve took a big step this past week. We managed to move into a larger shop with more area to spread out and become organized for better efficiency. 

Up until now it’s been a real battle at from a space aspect of this process. We simply didn’t have enough room wether it be at my house or the shop we moved the materials and molds too. Constantly having too set up – experiment on the process – fail – then tear down and put it all back out of the way. This was a shared space with an actual restoration/auto-body shop in Nebraska. 

Cars come in – big, high dollar rebuilds which take up lots of room and need immediate attention. SunTops would be shoved to the side. It was becoming an issue – LUCKILY the shop and us agreed this was not working out for both the shop itself and production of the SunTops®.

Needless to say the shop upgraded not for SunTops® but this will directly impact our production and make everything easier going forward. CANNOT WAIT to get back in there and be able to have materials and molds in a new permanent location. Were grinding, were working on it .. were still excited and ready to get these out soon!

Be Patient and have faith! Its going to be great!

Thanks All

Brad & Kent

1995 VTEC Misty Green Pearl 1995 Si Frost White

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