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Zig Zags – The Refresh; Part 1

Zig Zags – The Refresh; Part 1

$400? … $500? … We’ve seen OEM Del Sol floor mats for $800 before. Absolutely Ridiculous!

Even if you can find a cheap set of these in rough shape; there is much to be in to save them! Recycle not trash is the way to go!

We started with this passenger side mat. Not terrible shape, not the best either. First lets start with the Zig Zag design on the floor mat.

There is quite a bit a masking involved in this process. Small green painting tape is would we would recommend. This allows for nice tight corners with minimal trimming.

We also found that newspaper does the trick for preventing overspray of the desired area.

Using the same paint system that was used to re-fresh the VTEC models carpet; again will be using the SEM fabric spray for this job. Luckily it comes in most colors.

Unlike usually spraying light coats of spray paint; this needs to go on pretty thick and needs to be REALLY embedded in the carpet fibers. Lay this stuff on THICK.

Note: I had heated my garage up to about 60 degrees for this project. I left about 10 mins in-between coats.

After the initial first section it’s a bit a rinse and repeat. Spray, wait, spray again. Mask with tape, spray, have a beer … wait.

There is a quite to difference you can see from the re-spray of these zig zags. They POP again, crisp clear lines and nice white/light grey color.

Then it just takes time – Rinse and Repeat.

Few hours of work and a 6 pack of beer later and BAM! Your zig zags will pop again – we promise you!

In Part 2, we will finish this passenger side floor mat by masking the opposite of everything we did today and will spray the black!

Thanks all you OldSols and we hope this helps!

1995 VTEC Misty Green Pearl 1995 S Flat Black

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